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T-Bones is an ‘All Natural’ meat store, providing the finest beef, bison, pork, chicken and seafood. Everything is raised with NO hormones, NO steroids, or NO antibiotics. Our beef is grass raised, then finished on mix of barley, hay and essential minerals. After our beef is processed, it is dry aged for 14 days, to maximize the tenderness and flavor, ensuring you get the highest quality product. We then flash freeze our products to seal in the moisture and quality, keeping it ‘just cut fresh’ for your convenience. Our bison, pork, and chicken follow the same strict protocols, and are proudly raised by local area farmers. Rounding out the store we have a unique selection of organic local and domestic wines, BBQ sauces, USOmega3 Foods spices, and some of the best handmade chocolates, with a wide variety of beef jerkies and beef sticks.

On a special note, we are proud to be environmentally and eco friendly. That’s why we decided not to have an open meat case but utilize the safer, more friendly fresh flash frozen product. Virtually eliminating waste (meat) has been a tre-mendous benefit for our customers, both practically and financially.

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Our magic number of 14 highlights the benefits of our superior beef. The beef, raised in Manitoba, Canada, comes from Terry’s parents’ family farm, and is all under 14 months of age which guarantees consistency in product size and weight. These youthful and vibrant animals give all our steaks an unmatched tenderness. Then all of our beef is dryaged 14 days, maximizing its flavor and tenderness. After being cut to our specifications, it is exposed to air for as little as 14 minutes before being vacuum sealed and flash frozen, sealing in all the freshness until the product is opened at your home.

Terry started bringing the natural beef down from his family farm in Manitoba Canada when he was a member of the NHL’s St Louis Blues starting in 1997. His friends and teammates continually complimented the quality and flavor of the meat, and before long there were freezers full of meat in his garage. Thus, demand dictated the opening of a retail location allowing the rest of the area to enjoy what only a few once could. With over a year of planning and research, then several months of store preparation, in May 2008, T-Bones Natural Meats was formed.

The market for Natural Meats products is active and growing, and now T-Bones products can be available anytime in your own home. We know our customers love our product, the quality and taste, and the ‘All Natural’ benefits. Now, we are making it easily available for every meal.

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