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Better For The Planet

At T-Bones, we have coined a term for the way we raise our cattle—Self Sustainable. It means that we aren't content with simply being carbon neutral or not harming the earth. Instead, we raise our cattle in a way that actually improves and enhances the world we live in.

t bones natural meats

We're all worried about how we can reduce our carbon footprint. The farmers of T-Bones contribute daily to the reduction of carbon in our atmosphere through the simple process of growing grass. Grass removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and uses it to grow. The grass above ground is eaten by our cattle, but the CO2 used to grow the roots is held in the soil. This is called carbon sequestration, and it's the process that produced, through the centuries, the deep, rich soil of the Canadian Praries. This natural process of cattle grazing on open pasture can be used to clean carbon from the air released from fossil fuel burning, and put it back underground as part of the soil. T-Bones pastures are fertilized only with the natural wastes produced by the cattle. We use no artificial fertilizers that contain nitrogen, which can, over time, actually harm the soil. We also use no herbicides on our pastures.

Better for the Animals

Our cattle have plenty of room to roam, always have a source of fresh well water, and are fed the best feed products. T-Bones Beef cattle are allowed to develop at a normal pace and are never given hormones to increase their size or quicken their development.

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